It was very interesting to read my old entry Life is Complicated! An Update… from September of 2004. I have not written a personal entry about my life in quite some time. So here goes!

A lot has been going on and I’ve got a lot to fill everyone in on.

Here goes:

1) In December I graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication with Minors in both Management and History.

2) Two months later I left my lawn maintenance career as I was hired on for a full time position with a local company. I am now one of Two full time, professional, Web Designers for MidwayUSA. ( For the most part, the main projects I’ve been working on are the emails we send out every week. Here are some examples of what I’ve done so far. More on the job later.
a. 5 – 03 – 2007
b. 5 – 01 – 2007
c. 4 – 26 – 2007

3) I purchased a home. It’s a brand new house that was just built last year. Unfortunately the address does not exist on Google Maps yet, it’s too new. However, anyone who is curious can type in Edenton Columbia, Mo 65202 to Google Maps and look around my neighborhood. I will be posting pictures of the house soon. I got a great digital camera for Christmas and have not stopped taking pictures since.

4) Saturday, April 21st 2007 is another day that will never be forgotten. That day I proposed to my Girl Friend of 5 years and we will be married July 27th, 2007. Just 12 weeks left! I cannot wait!

5) I am getting closer to the D&D Website I talked about before and intend to have it up and running before my wedding date. There is a lot of work to be done, and if anyone is willing to give me a helping hand there are several jobs I need help with. You can read about this site in previous journals, HERE and HERE.

6) I have not been greeting anyone as RvB is still having problems with the on-site messaging. My inbox is completely full at 100%; however, there is not a single message in there. I deleted them all, but it is still maxed out full. They are aware this is a problem, and are working on it. I cannot greet in the profile section as that is “spamming” and the moderators will ban me… However, when messaging is up and running again, I will be at it all over again.

7) I am also going to be working on another website, my blog. I have a ton of ideas that I have to get off my mind and I’m going to also try to post some interesting things on there. I have a craving for writing, and I need to sate it.