I have no idea how many people actually read this blog.

I recently installed Google AdWords to track it a little better. Data takes time to compile though.

For all of those who are reading, or even have subscribed to my RSS feed, I will let you know the reason I have not posted anything in a few days is I’m working on a large number of articles.

They are as follows ( in no order what-so-ever ):

  1. Do What You Love – Hard Work is Useless
  2. BumpTop
  3. Control FireFox Better
  4. Google Trends Upgrade
  5. Books, Blogs & Tutorials
  6. Cortex better than CPU
  7. WIRED Is Great – But I Need Great
  8. How I will run My Business
  9. Charter Cable Connection
  10. 7 Secrets of the Super Organized
  11. Roll your own Linux distro
  12. Plaxo – Sync address books & calendars across almost anything
  13. Viewable With Any Browser
  14. Headphones in Public – Convenience or Annoyance
  15. Couch to 5K: Podcast for Running
  16. How do I make an icon transparent?
  17. Blog TV
  18. Webmaster-Toolkit.com
  19. Google Browser Sync
  20. RSS – Google Reader – You better be using it
  21. Internet Smackdown: The Amateur vs. the Professional
  22. Net Neutrality – Pay to Play
  23. Really Simply Syndication OR Really Seductive Sapping of my time?
  24. Print Magazines are Dead
  25. Blackout – Windows, FireFox, Everything is Black

I hope these sound interesting. Most of them are original content to be written by me. Unfortunately I have a Gmail Label titled “Ideas” sporting over 140 unread messages awaiting my further inspection. The above articles are very similar. They are all things I want to write or think about, but everything takes time.

The above articles are my top blogging priority, so you should be inundated with content soon!

Thanks For Reading, and Please keep doing so!