Lost 3 more pounds!!! That makes 4 pounds lost to date!

My arms STILL hurt after my weight lifting Monday and the elliptical yesterday (Tuesday)!
It’s mostly my triceps which I have not formally worked out in almost a year. Whew!
Hopefully that means my body is burning fat and calories to rebuild those muscles.

Unfortunately I did not make it to the gym in the morning, my favorite time to workout.
The weather was terrible. It was really cold, and I just did not want to get out from underneath the covers.

Never fear, I will workout this afternoon though.

Luckily Columbia College has showers and I can come back to work all fresh and clean.

The Stationary Bike is the only option for today. No weight lifting, or elliptical to hurt my arms more!

Workout: (11:00 am)

10 minutes on the Stationary Bike
Burned 110 calories