Back into the swing of things!

Only 8 days left!

Lost 4 pounds, leaving 11 to go!

Workout: 25 minutes on Elliptical

20 minutes of the Body for Life ramping up and down jumping 2 difficulty levels each minute.
3x sets of difficulty level 10 – 18
1x set of difficulty level 10 -16 and jumping to 20 for 1 minute instead of 18.

Then 5 minutes of difficulty level 12 just for some extra calories.

Burned 400 calories in 25 minutes.

My heart rate was almost perfect today, peaking at 170, and normally in the 140 range.
The trick is the higher difficulty level on the machine and keeping my breathing under control,
especially at the lower difficulty levels so my heart rate has a chance to drop back down
to around 128 – 135.


Breakfast 3 cups of oatmeal with 3 teaspoons of cinnamon and 2 teaspoons of sugar & 1 chocolate chip cookie (darn you Lindz!) (8:00 am)
Snack 1: Doughnut with White icing and sprinkles. I know! I know! So Bad! It was the car dealer’s fault… (9:30 am)
Lunch: Light Progresso Soup (1:00 pm)
Snack 2: Bananna (3:00 pm – I put it on my Google calendar)
Dinner: Half a plate of cheese fries and a chocolate malt from Steak & Shake

Crap I Ate: 3x Peanut butter & Corn flake cookies, 1x mini reeses, 1x mini snickers, 1x reeses turtle, 10x M&M’s

I wanted to eat EVERYTHING yesterday, and I almost accomplished that…