It felt great to exercise yesterday!

The first day always seems to be the hardest, then those wonderful endorphins kick in and you just want to keep doing it.


Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs & a jello pudding pack
Snack 1: Nothing (I’ve got to figure something out for snacks)
Lunch: Mexican, chicken enchilada, rice & beans, very few chips with salsa and a few dips of cheese sauce.
Snack 2: Nothing
Dinner: Turkey sandwich, on whole grain white bread, one slice of american cheese (the last chease I am eating before Florida), lettuce, pickles, light mayo (no more), mustard, and a full can of lima beans.

Snack Note: for anyone that doesn’t already know. Eating 5 times per day is ideal. But eating smaller portions is key to burning fat and keeping it off. Your body’s metabolism will shut down if you do not eat. The smaller and healthier the meal, the better. Eating with increased frequency also prevents your body from ever having that hungry feeling which makes it think it’s starving and it quickly switches into survival mode where it stores fat, slows down the energy burning metabolism, and makes you retain weight.

Eat Light, and Eat Often!

My wife helped me last night. Instead of eating more Thanksgiving left overs, I instead made a gigantic turkey salad, with spinach leaves, carrot shavings, and fat free ranch.

Workout: Stationary Bicycle

A friend of mine last night told me instead of trying the Body for Life ramp up and down like I did yesterday, to try sprints.

I told her I would alternate between the elliptical using Body for Life and a bike doing sprints to see the difference.

The sprints lasted for 7 minutes. My heart rate peaked at 165 and I didn’t like the workout.

I went back to the Body for Life method on the stationary bike. Worked out for 29 minutes and burned over 400 calories!

I really pushed myself to my limit. This was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had.