Wednesday, Dec 2nd. Day 3. Whew!

It’s 7:00 AM and time to AVOID the doughnuts!

Monday I worked out over lunch.
Tuesday my wife and I worked out after dinner. I hate working out AFTER I eat.
Today, wednesday, I worked out in the morning, by far my favorite time to do so!


Back to the elliptical after the bike yesterday. Body for Life ramps starting at 7 and going to 11 for the first set. The following 3 sets were 10 to 15 and a 2 minute cool down after my heart rate hit 180!

Burned 335 calories!

That scared me quite a bit since the highest I have hit before is 165. The target heart rate chart for a 25 year old at 80% is 168.

Breakfast time! I am starving!


Breakfast: Conglomeration bread (bread, raisins, brown sugar), a piece about the size of my fist. (8:00 am)
Snack 1: 2x Carrot Sticks (9:30 am)
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, whole grain white bread, mustard, pickles & apple sauce (not on the sandwich).
Indulgence: 20oz hot chocolate. (Not too bad, but full of sugar)
Snack 2: Forgot to eat
Dinner: Taco Bell 9 gram of fat menu.