I am going to kill myself if I am not careful!

My heart rate hit 185 today.
That seems dangerously over the 168 target 80% heart rate for a 25 year old.

However, I burned 376 calories!


7 minute warm up at an easy level 5.
23 minute workout:
Level 10 to 17 ramp up (8 minutes)
Level 10 to 15 ramp up (6 minutes)
Level 10 to 18 ramp up (9 minutes)
3 cool off at level 1, no resistance.


Breakfast: cheese stick, jelly roll, oatmeal, milk
Snack 1: Nothing, forgot. I need a calendar reminder or something
Lunch: Wendy’s grilled chicken sandwich (310 cal. and 7 grams fat)
Snack 2: 1x Carrot stick, Kudos bar
Dinner: Subway foot long Black Forrest Ham (6 grams of fat)

All in all, Thursday, Day 4, was a great day.

I ate really good, and my workout felt awesome.
This might have been the best workout I’ve ever had before.