Yeah! 1 pound lost to date! And it only took 9 days…


20 minutes on an elliptical burned 303 calories.
Pretty good for only 20 minutes!

3 sets of ramping from difficulty level 10 to level 18 two steps at a time (15 minutes)

  • 1 minute at 10
  • 1 minute at 12
  • 1 minute at 14
  • 1 minute at 16
  • 1 minute at 18
  • Back down to 10 and repeat

2 minutes at 10. To allow my heart rate to drop back down after the third set of ramping.
Skipped level 12 and went to 14 since I spent 2 minutes at 10.
Then instead of going from 16 to 18, I jumped from 16 to 20 (machine max) for my final burn.

My heart rate hit 173 at the highest (not bad) and I averaged 145, which is really good.

My arms are killing me from lifting yesterday and then pulling on the elliptical today.
That minute at 20, which is the maximum difficulty level the machine can go,
really made me work out my whole body. The elliptical has arm bars that you pull
and push on as well as where you put your legs. Without those arm bars I would not
have been able to finish the set at level 20. But that made it a great whole body workout!