As soon as I first saw a quad-rotor I knew this should happen.

My original thought was not for “selfies”, but for family photos with no one sitting out.

Or better yet, an always capturing child watcher to capture the best moments.


The MeCam from Always Innovating

The MeCam isn’t on the market yet, but hopefully it’s coming soon.

The MeCam is a small quad-helicopter which has a video camera and will connect to a smartphone.

The MeCam can also follow you around automatically and accept voice-commands.

At first announcement the price should only be $49 USD. We’ll see…

The MeCam Hardware


This quad-rotor will fit in the palm of your hand.

The MeCam has a single-core processor Cortex A9 and has with 1GB of RAM.

Everything it captures is stored on a microSD card.

It will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

The MeCam can handle:

  • video capture,
  • streaming video,
  • and panoramic photos.

The device has 14 sensors, and 3 stabilization algorithms.


When Will it Be Available

Unfortunately, the MeCam will only be manufactured if someone steps up to make it.

Always Innovating is a group of developers and creators. They do not have any manufacturing capacity.

The Possibilities are Endless

  • Never miss a family moment.
  • Capture pictures and video of your child without being glued to a camera or phone.
  • Take whole family photos without having a single person sit out.
  • Share your ideas in the comments!

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