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SiteGround Web Hosting was excited to announce a bunch of performance-related service upgrades they have deployed that drastically speed up the websites we host and shoot us real high on all benchmark tests. If you are an affiliate who focuses on speed and compares SiteGround with other hosts, it’s time to run new performance tests because everything we’ve done drastically changes the results you’ll get. You can safely benchmark even our entry StartUp plan to your best records so far and get ready to be amazed!

Between 50% – 500% faster with Dynamic cache enabled

All our hosting plans, including the StartUp, now come with Dynamic cache and Memcached options. These features were previously available on our GrowBig and higher plans, but you can now safely add them to the StartUp one as well.

Not only that, but the Dynamic cache is now turned ON by default for all new sites and we have started to see between 50% and 500% faster sites on our platform! Read more.

Faster MySQL queries on our servers

We have recently deployed a new MySQL setup that allows a much higher number of parallel requests to be processed simultaneously. This has a great impact on the effective handling of heavy MySQL queries and leads to a significant drop in the number of slow queries on our infrastructure. Read more about it in our blog post.

Significant boost of TTFB with UltraFast PHP on GrowBig plans!

Our unique, in-house developed ultrafast PHP that has proven to add 30% more performance to our sites is now available not only on GoGeek and Cloud plans, but on GrowBig too. This is one of the most effective speed improvements that we have introduced recently and it adds great value to the GrowBig accounts. Make sure you update the plan features on your website!

Enhanced website compression for more speed with Brotli

Another technology, which we recently deployed, that boosts the speed of the sites we host out of the box is the Brotli compression algorithm. This is a next generation technology developed by Google as a successor to the popular gzip. Read more about it in our blog post.

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We put our money where our mouth is, and we don’t recommend SiteGround litely. We’ve been using SiteGround for almost all of our website projects for many years now. Their support is always phenominal, they are constantly working with the WordPress community, and things like these updates they do without increasings costs to their customers. They are NOT the cheapest, but neither are we, because they are the best.