This is right up my alley.

Update 4-26-2013: Found an awesome IKEA Minimalist Floating and Slide Computer Desk.

Minimalist Floating and Sliding Desk by IKEA

Update 12-26-2012: Found really nice instructions from HGTV on How to Build a Floating Desk DIY.
Use this Peep link in case they ever change the page.

Floating Desk

Lifehacker reader Gavin Coelho didn’t have enough space for a full size desk. His solution was to build a hollow shelf-style desk that he could tuck his Macbook, external hard drive, and cabling inside. He keeps it cool with a small fan—which vents beneath the shelf—and runs the power and monitor cables through the wall. When it’s time to take the laptop with him, he just slides the shelf off the supports and unplugs it.

For more shelf-based workspaces check out The Slimline Workspace: Hungarian Shelves and Hidden CablesMac-on-a-Shelf: A Compact Workspace, and The Workspace-on-a-Shelf Office.