Funny Story

I figured everyone would get a good laugh out of this at my expense:

I woke up this morning, Sunday, and saw it was 2 minutes until 7.

I tried to use my work email to send a message saying I was up with my toddler’s ear infection and would not make it to work until 7:15 this morning.

I couldn’t log in, because my work password had expired over the weekend.

So I launched gmail and typed in the email address to contact the entire team.

I sent the email, then rushed to get ready!

I was dressed for work and walking out of the bedroom when my wife asked me if my son should stay home today.
This royally confused me, because he stays home every day.

I was frustrated and trying to rush out the door, so I was really short with her and asked what the heck she was talking about. She asked again, clarifying should he should stay home FROM CHURCH.

I stopped in my tracks and just started dying laughing!

My wife didn’t get it until I simply said, “look at me…”

She noticed I was dressed for work and started laughing too! 😀
She really laughed hard when I told her about sending an email to the entire team.

Thank goodness my wife caught me, or I would have wound up at the office this morning and been VERY confused!

Additionally, no outside emails can send to that work group email, so I was saved there.

Children and sleep deprivation can do crazy things to you! 🙂