Song TitleArtistDate
UnchangeableMatthew West2014-04-02
Fight SongThe Almost2014-04-01
Best Is Yet To ComeRed2014-03-28
Love With A MotiveThe Audition2014-03-20
The VoidNine Lashes2014-03-13
Glass HouseRed2014-03-13
Living LiesWe As Human2014-02-27
Break FreeDecyfer Down2014-02-27
Beautiful ScarsDisciple2014-02-20
If It Ends TodayKutless2014-02-17
Here We StandNewsboys2014-02-13
EarthquakeFamily Force 52014-02-08
Love AddictFamily Force 52014-02-08
Brand New DayFireflight2014-02-05
DesperateDecyfer Down2014-01-27
Wherever We GoNewsboys2014-01-16
The War InsideSwitchfoot2014-01-15
WallsManic Drive2014-01-13
Too Bright To See, Too Loud To HearUnderoath2013-12-06
Save Your LifeNewsboys2013-12-06
Fire in the KitchenManafest2013-11-07
AdrenalineNine Lashes2013-10-17
Everything FallsFee2013-10-01
Eleven RegretsManic Drive2103-09-30
New DrugThousand Foot Krutch2013-09-18
AutomaticStellar Kart2013-09-17
For The Love of the GamePillar2013-09-17
What I BelieveSkillet2013-09-17
No Plan BManafest2013-09-13
Born AgainNewsboys2013-09-12
Perfect LifeRed2013-09-11
TheatreIcon For Hire2013-09-10
Not Strong EnoughApocalyptica2013-09-05
Worlds Collide12 Stones2013-09-05
Let It BurnRed2013-09-04
MusicManic Drive2013-08-26
AirplaneDay Of Fire2013-08-26
MoonlitFalling Up2013-08-23
Hit The FloorThousand Foot Krutch2013-08-21
Dear X, You Don't Own MeDisciple2013-08-20
Christ in MeSchool of Worship2013-08-20
Ride With MeDecyfer Down2013-08-20
MaybeSick Puppies2013-08-09
Never Going Back to OKThe Afters2013-08-07
ExibitionFalling Up2013-08-06
Stir It UpWorth Dying For2013-08-05
So Far AwayRed2013-08-01
LoveDay Of Fire2013-08-01
The High RoadThree Days Grace2013-07-31
Make A MoveIcon For Hire2013-07-30
Only a MemoryIcon For Hire2013-07-29
Once And For AllDisciple2013-07-24
My Only HopeSeventh Day Slumber2013-07-23
Light `Em UpDay Of Fire2013-07-23
Moonlit (Neon Predator)Falling Up2013-07-23
When I See YouDay Of Fire2013-07-22
World So ColdThree Days Grace2013-07-19
PhiladelphiaSent By Ravens2013-07-17
RebuildWorth Dying For2013-07-17
ScreamThe Benjamine Gate2013-07-15
RadioactiveImagine Dragons2013-07-15
Don't Wake MeSkillet2013-07-12
MaybeSick Puppies2013-07-11
Arms of a Stranger12 Stones2013-07-10
Escalates (Aceramic)Falling Up2013-07-10
Never Look BackLove Riot2013-07-08
End of MeApocalyptica2013-07-05
Circus for a Psychoskillet2013-07-03
The FeelingKutless2013-07-01
Lay My BurdensDisciple2013-07-01
SymmetryFalling Up2013-06-27
Die For YouRed2013-06-27
Push Me AwayKutless2013-06-26
Something WrongSeparated2013-06-26
Escalates (Aceramic)Falling Up2013-06-23
Do SomethingMatthew West2013-06-12
Moved by MercyMatthew West2013-05-20
Destroy - Worth Dying ForLove Riot2013-05-20
Christ in MeSchool of Worship2013-05-10
Salus Suas Extanderealas ConceditAkissforjersey2013-05-03
AriseWorth Dying For2013-05-01
Change My LifeAshes Remain2013-05-01
Quiet StreetsBrooke Barretsmith2013-04-30
Through Your EyesWorth Dying For2013-04-26
I Am SecondThe Newsboys2013-04-26
Will You Save Me?The Birdsongs2013-04-26
Get BackNine Lashes2013-04-20
Burning BridgesSeventh Day Slumber2013-04-19
Keep Me BreathingAshes Remain2013-04-18
Inside Of MeAshes Remain2013-04-18
SaviorWorth Dying For2013-04-11
On My OwnAshes Remain2013-04-03
Live Like ThatSidewalk Prophets2013-04-03
Alive In You7eventh Time Down2013-04-02
Knocked DownDisciple2013-04-02
Anthem of the LonelyNine Lashes2013-04-02
Is This The MomentDavid Upton2013-04-01
MemoNine Lashes2013-04-01
Write It DownNine Lashes2013-04-01
Hello, My Name IsMatthew West2013-02-01
Halo 3, Video Game Music: To Kill A DemonMartin O'Donnell / Michael Salvatori2013-01-11
Think TwiceEve 62013-01-08
RiptideSick Puppies2013-01-04
It Is WellKutless2012-12-21
To LiveJustifide2012-12-05
The OutsideRed2012-11-30
ObliviateThat's Outrageous!2012-11-30
Nothing I Can DoThe Noise2012-11-16
Stay CloseFireflight2012-10-29
Stronger Than You ThinkFireflight2012-09-12
Off With Her HeadIcon For Hire2012-07-27
Dead FlowersDemon Hunter2012-06-29
Dying For Your LoveFireflight2012-06-25
A Tree And Its FruitAkissforjersey2012-03-28
White As SnowHaste The Day2012-03-22
The Minstrel's PrayerCartel2012-01-05
This Is War30 Seconds to Mars2011-12-05
Can't Stop The KillerEmery2011-11-09
I Don't CareApocalyptica2011-10-04
Lux AeternaClint Mansell & Kronos Quartet2011-09-29
BreakthroughThe Wrecking2011-09-29
It's The End Of The World As We Know ItDC Talk2011-09-12
Bring Me To LifeThousand Foot Krutch2011-09-12
God Of ElijahDisciple2011-09-08
VoicesHouse of Heroes2011-09-07
Go AheadDisciple2011-09-06
Worth It AllDisciple2011-09-01
Exit Calypsan (Only In My Dreams)Falling Up2011-09-01
RibcageDemon Hunter2011-08-26
John Hancock With The Safety OffProject 862011-08-26
Lonely WheelThe Almost2011-08-26
InvincibleAdelitas Way2011-08-04
Like A StoneAudioslave2011-08-04
One Thousand ApologiesDemon Hunter2011-08-04
Get To Know YouRemedy Drive2011-08-04
SwingCross Culture2011-06-16
HeartbeatRemedy Drive2011-05-15
Get Out AliveThree Days Grace2011-05-15
I Hate Everything About YouThree Days Grace2011-05-15
Burning SatellitesWe As Human2011-05-15
Release Music (Energy)Pure Star Movement2011-05-13
Stay Right HereThe Ascendicate2011-05-12
Now That It's OverBuilding 4292011-05-11
Far & GoneDay Of Fire2011-05-11
King Of KingsGrand Prize2011-05-11
Holy MomentSuperchic(K)2011-05-11
Wake MeDay Of Fire2011-05-07
Solid RockDelirious?2011-05-06
My GenerationStarfield2011-05-06
Mighty Good Leader (Live)Audio Adrenaline2011-04-28
The Wait Is OverDisciple2011-04-21
Hold Me DownStoryside: B2011-04-21
We Are The SoundThe Afters2011-04-15
Through The FireDay Of Fire2011-04-14
Your EscapeTragedy Ann2011-03-29
CollapsingDemon Hunter2011-03-24
You're Going DownSick Puppies2011-03-22
Never SurrenderSkillet2011-03-22
UnforgivableThe Material (00's)2011-03-12
Falling Into PlaceThe Afters2011-03-02
Dead LetterCage92011-02-25
ScreamJonah 332011-02-25
Crawl To ChinaTourniquet2011-02-25
TonightThe Afters2011-02-22
Crushcrushcrush (Live)Paramore2011-02-18
808Olivia The Band2011-02-05
Something Made To LastRemedy Drive2011-02-05
New PerspectiveFireflight2011-01-23
When Hope Is All You HaveSpoken2011-01-23
Faith Like ThatJonah332011-01-10
My GodCrashdog2011-01-07
Fight Like ThisDecyfer Down2011-01-07
I Play DeadDemon Hunter2011-01-07
Anthem For The Underdog12 Stones2011-01-06
Bitter12 Stones2011-01-06
Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your NeckDemon Hunter2011-01-06
CascadesFalling Up2011-01-06
FlightsFalling Up2011-01-06
Break The ChainsNarnia2011-01-06
Black BoxThis Beautiful Republic2011-01-06
FadingDecyfer Down2011-01-03
Peace Of MindDecemberadio2010-12-29
Fire In My EyesFireflight2010-12-26
Broken WingThousand Foot Krutch2010-12-24
White FlagJonah 332010-12-08
DetainerDay Of Fire2010-12-07
Bite The HandBeanbag2010-12-06
BulletsJonah 332010-12-06
Cross My HeartNevertheless2010-12-03
Live To DieSince October2010-12-03
Dust Through A FanBride2010-12-01
Spending TimeStellar Kart2010-11-26
LatelyDay Of Fire2010-11-23
Burn Back The SunDecyfer Down2010-11-20
HeroHalf Past Forever2010-11-20
No Song Left To SingJonah 332010-11-20
Throw DownPillar2010-11-20
Falling OverDisciple2010-11-12
Never AloneJonah 332010-11-05
VicesDead Poetic2010-11-04
So Cold I Could See My BreathEmery2010-11-04
Rock The Party (Off The Hook)P.O.D.2010-11-04
Studying PoliticsEmery2010-11-03
Better Off NowPillar2010-11-01
Wait For TomorrowBlessthefall2010-10-29
We ShineStellar Kart2010-10-29
SearchlightsFalling Up2010-10-27
No LongerDecyfer Down2010-10-26
Last RegretSeventh Day Slumber2010-10-25
Fire At WillJonah 332010-10-24
Far Away12 Stones2010-10-22
To Know That You're AliveKutless2010-10-22
Lose It AllPillar2010-10-22
3 Leaf Loser12 Stones2010-10-21
I'll Breathe For YouDecyfer Down2010-10-18
The Great EscapeBoys Like Girls2010-10-15
This CloseFlyleaf2010-10-15
I Never WantedAs I Lay Dying2010-10-14
I Am FreeNewsboys2010-10-12
Glory DefinedBuilding 4292010-10-08
After The FallWe As Human2010-10-08
Reap And SowDay Of Fire2010-10-07
Our Little SecretJustifide2010-10-07
What I've OvercomeFireflight2010-10-05
Dead ManWe As Human2010-10-05
Cold AddictionDay Of Fire2010-10-04
More Than A RevolutionEleventyseven2010-09-10
How Great Is Our GodSeventh Day Slumber2010-09-09
BounceThousand Foot Krutch2010-09-08
Secrets And RegretsPillar2010-09-07
Spy HunterProject 862010-09-07
Cut & MoveDay Of Fire2010-09-03
RunDay Of Fire2010-09-03
For Those Who WaitFireflight2010-09-03
Last GoodbyePillar2010-09-03
Hanging On By A ThreadThe Letter Black2010-09-03
Breathe Today (EP Version)Flyleaf2010-09-02
The Flame In All Of UsThousand Foot Krutch2010-09-02
Love Hate (On And On)Disciple2010-09-01
Turn It OnHawk Nelson2010-09-01
Last One StandingJonah 332010-09-01
Million Dollar ManKutless2010-08-06
Open Your Eyes12 Stones2010-08-05
Lose ItAtreyu2010-08-05
Worth As Much As A Counterfeit DollarCapital Lights2010-08-05
This Is The LineDemon Hunter2010-08-05
ObviousManic Drive2010-08-05
Sunday, Blood SundayPillar2010-08-05
Life is GoodStellar Kart2010-08-05
My GodThis Beautiful Republic2010-08-05
Fire It UpThousand Foot Krutch2010-08-05
It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front DoorUnderoath2010-08-05
First TimeHawk Nelson2010-08-04
One Day Too LateSkillet2010-08-04
My Heartstrings Come UndoneDemon Hunter2010-07-28
Forward MotionThousand Foot Krutch2010-07-28
One ThingPillar2010-07-27
Morning AirThe Wedding2010-07-27
Is Forever EnoughHawk Nelson2010-07-26
Treason (Live)Kutless2010-07-21
Live Free Or Let Me DieSkillet2010-07-21
Free Fallin'The Almost2010-07-20
Definitely MaybeFM Static2010-07-16
PuppetThousand Foot Krutch2010-07-16
The Vinyl CountdownRelient K2010-07-08
Captain's ChairSanctus Real2010-07-08
ActivateStellar Kart2010-07-08
The Lost Get FoundBritt Nicole2010-07-07
Bring 'em OutHawk Nelson2010-07-07
The RunawaysAnberlin2010-07-06
Miss Behavin'Emery2010-06-28
Not What You SeeKutless2010-06-25
Winds Of ChangeKutless2010-06-25
Core Of My AddictionFireflight2010-06-05
The One I'm Waiting ForRelient K2010-06-05
Going In BlindP.O.D.2010-06-03
Who I Am Hates Who I've BeenRelient K2010-06-03
Only WantedStellar Kart2010-06-03
BreakthroughBrooke Barrettsmith2010-06-01
SixteenDemon Hunter2010-06-01
Not Without A FightPillar2010-06-01
Shattered LifeSeventh Day Slumber2010-06-01
Star Of The ShowFireflight2010-05-18
My Own EnemyThousand Foot Krutch2010-05-18
Just Like MeHawk Nelson2010-05-17
Lie To Me12 Stones2010-05-13
Broken HeartFalling Up2010-05-13
You Have What I NeedHawk Nelson2010-05-13
Strong TowerKutless2010-05-12
Somewhere In The SkyKutless2010-05-11
All Over MeThe Benjamin Gate2010-05-10
Hero (Red Pill Remix)Superchic(K)2010-05-06
It's YouFireflight2010-05-03
We Die YoungShowdown2010-05-03
Breathe TodayFlyleaf2010-04-30
Welcome To The MasqueradeThousand Foot Krutch2010-04-30
Lose ControlHouse of Heroes2010-04-26
Hearts Of The InnocentKutless2010-04-26
Mess Of MeSwitchfoot2010-04-23
Could Tell A LoveBlessthefall2010-04-22
I So Hate ConsequencesRelient K2010-04-22
The Battle Of Them Vs. ThemDogwood2010-04-21
EverlongFoo Fighters2010-04-21
Water Under The BridgeThe Wedding2010-04-21
Break MeSeventh Day Slumber2010-04-20
Strength WithinWar Of Ages2010-04-19
Out Of PhaseSugarcult2010-04-17
The Kill (Bury Me)30 Seconds to Mars2010-04-16
Everyone Like MeThousand Foot Krutch2010-04-16
Beauty From PainSuperchic(K)2010-04-13
TonightJeremy Camp2010-04-12
The Way I Feel12 Stones2010-04-08
Dirty Little SecretPillar2010-04-08
You Are Not The EndPillar2010-04-06
In The Air TonightNonpoint2010-04-05
I Am YouDemon Hunter2010-04-02
Be The QuietDisciple2010-04-02
Mood RingsRelient K2010-03-17
Cross The LineSuperchic(K)2010-03-17
Million VoicesBarlowGirl2010-03-12
Rise UpBlessthefall2010-03-12
Take Me InKutless2010-03-10
The Kill30 Seconds to Mars2010-03-04
Go AheadFireflight2010-03-04
Every Little ThingHawk Nelson2010-03-02
State Of EmergencyPillar2010-02-28
Smack DownThousand Foot Krutch2010-02-04
You AreTenth Avenue North2010-01-29
Game OnDisciple2010-01-16
I've Got Ten Friends And A Crowbar That Says You Won't Do JackUnderoath2010-01-16
Your TouchKutless2010-01-15
ScreamThousand Foot Krutch2010-01-15
Broken12 Stones2010-01-14
Beautiful EndingBarlowGirl2010-01-14
Looking For AngelsSkillet2010-01-12
ResolveHaste The Day2010-01-11
Change The WorldP.O.D.2010-01-11
Say GoodbyeSkillet2010-01-11
The Day The Blind RevoltedStaple2010-01-11
Crash12 Stones2010-01-08
Death Of MeRed2010-01-08
Falls ApartThousand Foot Krutch2010-01-08
The Night Of Your Life Is When You'll DieCapital Lights2010-01-07
UndyingDemon Hunter2010-01-07
Beautiful BrideFlyleaf2010-01-07
In The DarkFlyleaf2010-01-07
Twisted WordsMxPx2010-01-07
Reckless YouthPillar2010-01-07
The Sanctuary HumProject 862010-01-07
Audience Of OneSanctus Real2010-01-07
Requiem For A TowerEscala2010-01-06
RawkfistThousand Foot Krutch2010-01-06
PhenomenonThousand Foot Krutch2010-01-04
Whatever It TakesPillar2010-01-01
Broken Road12 Stones2009-12-25
Just To Get ByPillar2009-12-21
Subject To ChangeProject 862009-12-18
Here We GoP.O.D.2009-12-17
When Tomorrow ComesPillar2009-12-10
SouthsideThe Wedding2009-12-09
Take My LifeJeremy Camp2009-12-08
Never AloneBarlowGirl2009-12-07
It's Dangerous Buisness Walking Out Your Front DoorUnderoath2009-11-25
The Soldier's SongDemon Hunter2009-11-18
My HellDisciple2009-11-18
Wasting TimeRed2009-11-18
Manic MondayRelient K2009-11-17
Rise UpDisciple2009-11-16
All These ThingsLast Tuesday2009-11-16
Wind In My SailsSpoken2009-11-16
So Help Me GodFireflight2009-11-13
Confession (What's Inside My Head)Red2009-11-13
Are You RealKJ-522009-11-12
When Angels & Serpents DanceP.O.D.2009-11-12
The Last, The Lost, The LeastRelient K2009-11-12
Outta ControlThousand Foot Krutch2009-11-12
The Safest PlaceThousand Foot Krutch2009-11-12
Things Left UnsaidDisciple2009-11-11
You DecideFireflight2009-11-11
Ancient HistoryHawk Nelson2009-11-11
The One Thing I Have LeftHawk Nelson2009-11-11
Fight InsideRed2009-11-11
Mystery Of YouRed2009-11-11
Lead Us HomeDemon Hunter2009-11-10
Bring Me DownPillar2009-11-10
A Whisper & A ClamorAnberlin2009-11-09
Paperthin HymnAnberlin2009-11-09
My Heart Strings Come UndoneDemon Hunter2009-11-09
Me Against MeProject 862009-11-09
Never Be The SameRed2009-11-09
Too Much ThinkingMxPx2009-11-06
Bite My TongueRelient K2009-11-06
Careless WhisperSeether2009-11-06
Chris' LetterSeventh Day Slumber2009-11-06
Scars RemainDisciple2009-10-19
Take MeHawk Nelson2009-10-19
Stripped AwayDisciple2009-10-18
Awake And AliveSkillet2009-10-18
AbsoluteThousand Foot Krutch2009-10-18
Start AgainRed2009-10-16
There For YouFlyleaf2009-10-14
All I NeedHymns of Eden2009-10-14
ChimesProject 862009-10-14
Shine DownDisciple2009-10-10
Out From UnderRed2009-10-10
More Than UselessRelient K2009-10-10
Amazing Because It Is (Full Version)The Almost2009-10-10
You Gave Me A PromiseFireflight2009-10-09
Breathe Into MeRed2009-10-09
Sadie Hawkins DanceRelient K2009-10-09
The TruthRelient K2009-10-09
ProcrastinatingStellar Kart2009-10-09
Those NightsSkillet2009-10-08
Purpose To MelodyDisciple2009-10-07
Student DriverStellar Kart2009-10-02
Carry Me DownDemon Hunter2009-10-01
My Girl's Ex-BoyfriendRelient K2009-09-30
MoneyGhoti Hook2009-09-25
Am I Keeping You?Mainstay2009-09-25
The Last NightSkillet2009-09-25
Say This SoonerThe Almost2009-09-25
Tale Of The Dragon's DefeatWavorly2009-09-25
Life AgainDecyfer Down2009-09-24
Words We SpeakHawk Nelson2009-09-22
The End Of Heartache (Resident Evil Version)Killswitch Engage2009-09-22
Already OverRed2009-09-22
Still FlyThe Devil Wears Prada2009-09-22
Execute The SoundsP.O.D.2009-09-21
Lights OutP.O.D.2009-09-16
Will YouP.O.D.2009-09-16
I'm So SickFlyleaf2009-09-15
Rescue MeInhabited2009-09-15
Stand In The RainSuperchic(K)2009-09-15
Face DownThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus2009-09-15
The Love We Had BeforeFireflight2009-09-14
Like A RacecarHawk Nelson2009-09-14
Dying To BecomeKutless2009-09-14
High Of '75Relient K2009-09-14
Better Than DrugsSkillet2009-09-14
Hey HeySuperchic(K)2009-09-14
College KidsRelient K2009-09-13
Twenty TwentyWavorly2009-09-13
The Older I GetSkillet2009-09-12
Whispers In The DarkSkillet2009-09-12
Html Rulez DoodThe Devil Wears Prada2009-09-12
An Ocean Between UsAs I Lay Dying2009-09-11
Stand UpFireflight2009-09-11
The HungerFireflight2009-09-11
All Around MeFlyleaf2009-09-11
Fully AliveFlyleaf2009-09-11
CaliforniaHawk Nelson2009-09-11
Shut Me OutKutless2009-09-11
Youth Of The NationP.O.D.2009-09-11
The Scene And HerdRelient K2009-09-11
Falling Inside The BlackSkillet2009-09-11
Meant To LiveSwitchfoot2009-09-11
MoveThousand Foot Krutch2009-09-11
Misery BusinessParamore2009-09-03
The Art Of BreakingThousand Foot Krutch2009-09-03
More Than A Love SongFireflight2009-09-02
You Decide (feat. Josh Brown)Fireflight2009-09-02
Letters To The PresidentHawk Nelson2009-09-02
Young And DepressedMxPx2009-09-02
I Mostly Copy Other PeopleThe Almost2009-09-02
Southern WeatherThe Almost2009-09-02
Which To Bury, Us Or The HatchetRelient K2009-08-17
Say Your PrayersThe Wedding2009-08-17
Time I UnderstoodWavorly2009-08-17
Guys Like You Make Us Look BadBlessthefall2009-08-15
Second GuessHangnail2009-08-15
Things We Go ThroughHawk Nelson2009-08-15
RecklessJeremy Camp2009-08-15
These PagesMainstay2009-08-15
Holding OnPillar2009-08-15
The Lining Is SilverRelient K2009-08-15
Open WoundsSkillet2009-08-15
Peace Of MindSlick Shoes2009-08-15
Moving For The Sake Of MotionUnderoath2009-08-15
Reinventing Your ExitUnderoath2009-08-15
Endless DayWavorly2009-08-15