I recently gained a new client who focuses on Fantasy Sports and online gambling. I cannot share who this client is as we’re just in the beginning stages of the project but online gambling is a really interesting industry and this is my first work on any such site.


I’m one of the most sports illiterate people on the planet, so it’s incredibly ironic that I’m working on a fantasy sports website, and I’m a person who has only gambled once in my life. My first and only time gambling, I played a penny slot machine at a riverboat casino. I spent 6 cents and won $6 which was enough to pay my way at the buffet. I quit and enjoyed some fantastic steak that cost me 6 cents! :D


The concept and data of fantasy football and other fantasy sports does really intrigue me. Picking players from all different teams and pitting those fantasy teams against other people is a very cool process. I have some friends who play a lot of fantasy football and it’s always interesting to hear them talk about their trades and changes and how their teams performed that week.


The gambling aspect of fantasy sports is a lot different than an online casino that has slot machines, or online poker or whatever. If I were both a gambling man and a sports literate man, online fantasy sports gambling would be very enticing. As a big data nerd it would be really cool to run a fantasy game like the Brad Pitt movie Money Ball did, basing decisions on data. I’ve even contemplated writing some algorithms for myself to check historic player data and assemble a team. But, I’ll leave that to the pros for now.


The project is very cool and I’m really excited to be able to share more as we near completion!