Update: Lifehacker.com uses my same idea to turn an iPod  Touch into an iPhone.

So I might be a little obsessed with Android (read: Google) and I am head over heels for the HTC Evo.

Regardless, I just sold my Blackberry Curve 8330 yesterday, my wife’s is on it’s way out the door.

  • We are going to drop our data plan, and decrease our voice/texting plan to the cheapest possible.
  • Google Voice has replaced almost all of my texting/voicemail needs.
  • As I am no longer working for myself, I do not need to have email 24/7.
  • Most importantly, I am sick of paying almost as much for two cell phones as we are for our car!

Here is my plan:

  • Sell my Wife’s Blackberry
  • Purchase my friend’s 32 gig, 3rd Generation iPod Touch ($200)
  • Purchase 2 inexpensive brick/candybar phones
  • Use my upgrade in November to get an Evo ($200)
  • Sell the Evo on eBay for at least $400+ (paid for itself and the iPod)
  • Downgrade my cell plan to the bare minimum. No data.
  • My wife wants to have a simple phone again with T9 texting and voice only. No smart phone.
  • Use the brick phones for Sprint to Sprint texting with my wife (free)
  • Use the brick phone for regular Phone usage when I’m not in a WiFi hot spot.
  • Use Google Voice on the iPod Touch for texting everyone else, voicemail, Google calendar, etc…
  • Possibly use my Wife’s upgrade to get another Evo and sell it on eBay too! ($400+)
  • Live happily ever after with the best of all worlds! Cheap monthly bill. Having a smart device too.

Update 9-4-2010:

My wife doesn’t like the idea of upgrading to the Evo and selling it online.

And I don’t like the idea of buying an iPod without something else to cover the cost.

So… I guess the new plan is to sell her Blackberry immediately, downgrade our plan immediately, and see where that leads us in the future.

iPod Touches are just going to get cheaper, especially with the new iPod Touch just coming out, so hopefully I can pick one up for a steal.

Update 10-6-2010:

So, both of the Blackberries are sold. My wife is happy with her Rumor 2 since it has a full keyboard, and I’ve got a flip phone.

Also, after 2 weeks, I sold my iPod Touch and I’m going to upgrade my phone to the HTC Evo in November when I can.

I will be required to keep my data plan for 30 days, but after that I can remove the Evo from my plan, and put my flip phone back on in place of it.

From then on, it will be Google Voice and WiFi for me on the Evo.

This should probably save me $50-$80 / month.

I might get a pay-as-you-go 4G hotspot someday and begin to achieve my dream of the Carrierless Phone..


Please let me know what you think.