My workplace requires ID badges to enter the building.
Recently a co-worker and I were exiting the building when I quickly asked if he was carrying his wallet as I did not have mine containing the necessary for re-entry ID badge.

His response shocked me, and gave me a new minimalist goal.

My co-worker shared that he did not carry a wallet.
Rather, he kept only three things in his back pocket.
1) Drivers liscense
2) Bank Card
3) Work ID
4) Cash

Intrigued, I decided to try the same, and it feels phenomenal.

His reasoning being only those four items were needed daily, and I completely agree. The only problem I’ve run into personally is remembering to move said cards from one pair of pants to the next. Thus, whenever I get into my vehicle, I immediately remove my three cards (I don’t carry cash) and place them in the center console. Upon exiting, I retrieve them. This allows me to always have my cards without the hassle of pant searching.

Thanks Mark!