Log Scale of Fuel Energy Densities

Between supporting EnergyFromThorium.com and a conversation I had with another Nuclear Engineer the other day, it still baffles me people have ANY objections to more nuclear power plants.

Every Uranium Rod from Callaway fits in one Pool

The most amazing example I’ve heard was talking to a Nuclear Engineer from the Callaway Nuclear plant here in Missouri.

The engineer told me they have every single uranium rod they’ve ever used, since 1984, on site in a cooling pool roughly the side of an Olympic size swimming pool.

Compare that to a normal Coal burning power plant which goes through one Coal Train Car load PER HOUR!

Add to that, a nuclear plant’s only output is steam from the cooling tower, versus we know what coal BURNING plants put out.

Nuclear waste you ask?

Then let’s talk about Thorium energy!

Uranium vs. Thorium: Mining, Processing, Waste

Thorium has zero radioactive, nuclear waste byproduct.

Thorium is even Cheaper than Coal

Here’s a fun graphic to give you an idea of the magnitude of scale difference.

Nuclear vs Coal

Can I Swim in a Nuclear Rod Radiation Containment Pool?

Update: XKCD Comics also has a What If website.

They covered swimming in a nuclear rod containment pool and I thought I just had to share it here. 🙂

Swimming in a Nuclear Rod Radiation Containment  Pool XKCD