WordPress 3.0 has been out for a little bit and I have been meaning to put a new theme on EllisBenus.com.

The old theme was far too narrow in the main body content area. This new one is still a little too tight for me, but I can modify it later if it really bothers me that much.

Regardless, I can now use the Featured Image option for individual pages or posts (like on this post), as well as the new WordPress 3.0 menu system which I am very excited about.


Also, I will be writing a very simple custom plugin to track my progress on several goals for this year.

The goals I will be tracking are:

  • Time to 30 (1414 Days to Go as of August 6th, 2010)
  • Spiritual (Reading and Praying daily)
  • Physical (bicycling & working out daily)
  • Soda Sober (kick the addiction for good)
  • What Have You Done Today?
  • Public To-Do List

Esentially the plugin will place a small bar graph for each goal in the sidebar and will calculate the number of days either remaining (for time to 30) or the percentage of days I have stayed on track for my goals.

For example, if in a given week I workout 5 out of 7 days, then my graph will show 71%. However, the clock keeps ticking. So after 30 days if I’ve only worked out 10 days, then my percentage will only be 33%, and so on.

The last two will not be day tracking, but simply categories to show what I have on my plate, what I should be working on, as well as the WHYDT to showcase when I have highly productive days. Mostly the WHYDT is an accountability piece to me so that I try to make the most out of everyday and stop making excuses.

I heard a great quote recently. To summarize: do not have confidence that your future self can accomplish something you can’t today. Do not say, I will do it tomorrow, because your tomorrow self will do the exact same thing.

Hopefully my WHYDT tracker and posting my To-Do List publicly will keep me accountable to finish stuff!

Simple Sammy!

Anyway! Let me know in the comments what you think of the new look.

Joseph Lanham of Simple Sammy Designs is working on a Celtic Knot logo for me which has E & B highlighted inside of it. You can see an early attempt by myself in the current header.

The Old Theme: