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DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves

Really Cool Floating Shelves made from Wood Pallets!

Also Check Out: Pallet Shed | Pallet Patio Furniture | Pallet Desk | Pallet Chair | Pallet Coffee Table

Dismantle the Pallets

DIY Pallet Wood Floating ShelvesAnyone who has done a pallet project knows to get at that good, free wood, you have to do some work first.

Everyone has their own technique.

I’m a pry bar and hammer man.

The author bought a metal cutting blade for a reciprocating saw, which carved through the thick and rusty nails easily.

Sand the Pallet Wood

Pallet wood is rough. Depending on your application, sanding might be necessary. If you’re planning to paint or stain the wood, I would recommend smoothing.

An orbital sander makes quick work of all the rough spots.

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - Orbital Sander

Create the Shelf Box

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - Box Shelf

The author created a simple box design.

Frame a thin pallet board with two longer ones and bookcase them at each end to create a long, narrow box.

Use a thin line of wood glue and nail the boards together.

Creating the Floating Shelves Support

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - Floating Bracket Structure

Floating shelves get their name from having no visible bracket or structure supporting them.

  • Cut a piece of pallet board, sizing it to fit into the open end of the box shelf.
  • Drill five holes, equidistant from each other, along the length of one edge of the board.
  • Put wood screws in each hole.
  • Cut dowel rods to the depth of your shelf box.
  • These dowels, which attach to the base,  serve as extra support for the shelf.
  • Drill one, off center, hole into the end of each dowel. You want the dowels near the top of the base, but not above, so the weight of the shelf rests upon them.
  • Screw the dowels firmly into the base.
  • Repeat this process so the base has five dowels to provide support.

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves 11 Ellis Benus Web Design Columbia MO - Dowel Rod Supports

Time to Stain or Paint

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - Cabot Wood Stain

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - All the shelves are stained

The author used Cabot’s “Ebony” Penetrating Wood Stain, applying two coats to each floating shelf box.

Stain or Paint will hide the fact you use reclaimed wood and give you an awesome finish.

Hang Your Floating Shelves

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - mounting the floating shelf base support

DIY Pallet Wood Floating Shelves - finished floating shelves

  • Locate studs in the wall.
  • Make sure everything is level.
  • Attach the base of each shelf to the wall with a large (2.5 inch) wood screw.
  • Once the base is secure, slide the box directly onto the base.
  • Secure the shelf box with screws through the top into the base.

An offset bit will make a nice dimple for the screws to sink, and disappear, into.

Easy, Free, Do It Yourself pallet wood floating shelves!

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