I blogged just a few days ago about PayPerPost Blogging and how awesome it is. Since then, I’ve already made $15, and counting! You can make money blogging, which you probably do already. It’s great!

Adding to my joy, I also just found out about PPP Direct. What’s the difference? Well, PayPerPost allows me to log into their website, “Take an Opportunity” and then write about it on my blog for the prescribed $ dollar amount.

PayPerPost (PPP) Direct allows bloggers to add a button to their blog where ANYONE can hire them for a fee set by you! Why does PPP do this? Well, they do take a small (10%) fee of what you charge. But that is noting compared to a few of their competitors, some charging as much as %50 of your fee!

Check out the details here:

Watch the overview video:

See it live in action:

I plan on adding this to my site just as soon as I can. Who ever thought that blogging could make you money? Not to mention that it is so simple to set up! It literally took me 30 minutes to sign up for PPP and start making money. Now, as soon as I get the PPP Direct button on my blog, I do not have to put out any extra effort, and anyone who wants to can quickly, cleanly, and easily hire me to blog about their business, opportunity, or anything!

If you have a blog and you are not doing PPP I just have one question for you… WHY NOT?

Visit PayPerPost’s sight right now and set up your free account.