I just wrote this to a friend of mine.

Friend: “Why are you trying to be so philosophical?”

Me: “Trying?”

Friend: “Yes, Trying.”

Me: “I’m not trying.”

Friend: “Sounds like it to me.”

Me: “Often, the most direct answer is not an answer at all. By asking another a question, they must answer the asker, as well as answer themselves.”

Friend: “Yes, this is a tactic used by people not able to answer the question posed to them.”

Me: “No. Asking a question as an answer makes you answer ME, as well as YOURSELF. Instead of being forthcoming with my own emotions, I seek to have you EXAMINE your own. Do not insult me by proposing that I am incapable of answering a question you presented to me. Rather, realize I’m trying to make you search yourself, instead of luring me into your personal struggle.”

And, dang it… I did feel pretty philosophical about that! And darn good to!