Slashdot showed the Presto article talking about this new Linux operating system.

After looking at Presto’s website it’s tough to tell this is a Linux distribution. A free version will be available after Marth 16th, with a for-pay OEM version is available now.

The retail version of Presto will be available as a free Beta download on March 16, 2009.
Click here to try the beta version and send us your feedback!

The OEM version of Presto is available now. Please contact for more information on how to get Presto customized for your product.


As someone who has been frustrated with Window’s long boot times, and who has recently become frustrated with Linux’s even longer boot times, Presto sounds like an interesting distribution.

Why Presto your PC?

  • Save time and battery life when you need to get online fast
  • Make old and slow computers useful again—inexpensively
  • Enjoy a simple, reliable and secure way to get online
  • Listen to music and watch videos anywhere
  • Increase your productivity with thousands of available programs
  • Bonus SuperPass Media
  • Enjoy unlimited access to popular music and videos with a two week trial of Real Media’s SuperPass.

The “inexpensively” makes me nervous.

One of the main reasons I have been attempting to make the switch from Windows to Linux is the big FREE price.

If you sign up for a Beta and are brave enough to install this O.S. please let us know what you think.