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Previously, I posted Programmer Compensation is in the Crapper.

The Mark Savage vs Tech posted a rebuttal The Problem With Compensation.

The same friend who supplied me the original Compensation article also sent me Revolution Systems article A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality.

I am remiss to say I posted the Compensation article haphazardly, being devoid of any personal input on the subject. Mark’s input caused me to think deeper about both articles.

My Input:

Few people are happy with their compensation levels. As Mark pointed out, gauging what a technological person is worth often falls in a large grey area. Currently I am working in my first full time position, a web designer. While I hold no reservations about my compensation level I can sympathize with the author of the Compensation article’s frustration. Plenty of friends in tech positions have fought with the small raises with that grey area quickly becoming a glass ceiling. However, few of those tech people remained in the positions where they were unhappy.

When accepting the job offer for my first full time position, I understood the level I started at, and surely expect to advance after I complete my first year in the industry. Also, working hard and proving myself will only increase my value.

Finally, the most important lesson to be learned from both these compensation articles is that taking care of your employee is pivotal and proving yourself with little complaining always makes you a better employee in your managers’ eyes.