I’m so very happy my purchase of the new Google LG Nexus 4 Android phone went through this morning!

Nexus 4 Google Wallet Purchase Confirmation

Actually, I was one of the lucky/unlucky few who wound up accidentally purchasing multiple phones.

I now will also have a 16 gig version of the Nexus 4 which I will be posting on Ebay for sale when it arrives.

This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a  phone!

This is my first new device since [timeago time=”2010-11-01″] ago when I got HTC Evo original, which was cutting edge at the time with it’s Android 2.0 ;-)

Straight Talk Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

The biggest selling points of the Nexus 4 for me were:

  1. $300 price tag. VERY cheap for an unlocked (carrier independent) phone.
  2. Carrier Independence!
    1. I can switch between any GSM carriers in the world!
    2. I will probably be purchasing the $45/month Straigh Talk Unlimited plan using AT&T’s network.
    3. Saving $800/year without a Contract – The gist being: “I did some quick math last night – AT&T for 2 smartphones at 700 shared minutes is ~$190/mo in Texas (taxes estimated at 20%), plus $200/phone, you’re looking at about $4960 over 2 years. Straight Talk is ~$90/mo (assume taxes are included), plus $600/phone, you’re looking at $3360 over 2 years. That’s a savings of $1600 over 2 years, or about $67/mo. Only difference is you have to pay the bulk up front, with $1200 for phones (estimated, of course).”
  3.  Google Now‘s Speech to Speech – Yes, similar to Siri. But simply WAY better!
  4. Google Now’s other features.
  5. Near Field Communication
  6. Wireless Charging
  7. Android updates with NO INTERFERENCE from Carriers!

More information about the Nexus 4.

The Full Story

Nexus 4Truly the list above should put #3 and #7 as numbers 1 and 2.

The whole reason I started looking into the Nexus line is entirely thanks/blamed on Sprint for taking FOREVER to update their Galaxy Nexus phones.

I was eligible for a subsidized phone upgrade in August, and I was completely sold on the Galaxy Nexus because of Android Jelly Bean and Google Now.

When I started doing my research I found the Galaxy Nexus phones on Sprint and Verizon had STILL not been updated, after Jelly Bean had been out for almost a YEAR. That was completely unacceptable.

Then, I read an article – quote snippet above – talking about saving $3,360 over 2 years for 2 phones and that just blew my hair back.

I did pay $300 for my Nexus 4, but I’m cancelling my unlimited sprint account $70/month in favor of Straight Talk’s $45/month unlimited.

Sprint has $200 upgrades for the phones I want anyway, so I only spent an extra $100 to save $25/month. That’s $250 saved at the end of the year.

The only thing I’m really nervous about is the Insurance covering theft and damage to the phone. However, I’m looking into some third party providers for this coverage.

Tell me about your nexus experience!