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Redirection is a WordPress plugin which gives the user a very handy interface for easily creating redirection rules and keeping track of 404 errors – Page not Found – without requiring advanced knowledge.

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It is very important to prevent 404 Errors from occurring on your website.

The reason it’s important is because if a Search Engine has found a page, image or other item on your website and the location changes and the Search Engine isn’t redirected to a new location then it simply deletes that entry from it’s records.

If a person has bookmarked a URL on your website, or if someone created a link to a location on your site, and you change the location, then that link breaks and people trying to find your site no longer can.

404 Errors happen when you:

  • Delete a page/post/image from your website
  • Update your website and move content from one URL structure to another
    For Example:
    old website =
    new website =
Redirect gives a really user friendly interface for tracking and fixing this on your website.

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