After only 186 posts on I figured out what kind of blog this needs to be.

If you are a fellow blogger, then you have read at least a dozen articles about focusing your blog, or picking a niche to write about. Until now, I’ve never had any idea what my blog was about. There has never been an overarching theme or consistent post type which I wrote. Is Now an Idea Blog

In October 2007 I wrote a post that went without being noticed or acted upon. The name of that post was Get Famous by Sharing all your Ideas. Over 2 years ago I said this was going to be an idea blog, and I somehow forgot about it. Go figure, it was just another one of my ideas!

What Is An Idea Blog?

Great question! As I shared in October, tons of ideas assail me everyday. Whether they are money making ideas or just small experiments, I cannot act upon all of them.

Here, at, I want to unload the burden of these ideas upon the crowd. If anyone decides to run with one of the ideas published here, Go For It! Just share it with us here. It would be truly enjoyable seeing how something I envisioned came to pass.

My First Post as an Idea Blogger

As a young(er) man, 24, I have started paying more attention to politics and the world around me. A large part of that has to due with taxes and starting my own business several years ago. Unfortunately, I am deeply troubled by what I see.

Since I have only recently started attempting to get involved, it’s been frustrating to figure out how to do so.

Starting a Political Blog

I would really like to start a Political Blog which, instead of being about politics, world & national events, etc… it would instead cover one person’s journey from absolute political ignorance to an informed and involved political citizen of the United State of America.

The blog would start off with Post #1, “I want to get more involved” and hopefully take everyone step-by-step through the process of learning, researching, speaking, sharing, contacting, and becoming involved in politics.

This does not necessarily mean becoming a politician, but merely one informed and active voter.

Thank you for your time.

The whole idea of a blog is to share, so please do in the Comments.
If you decide to start a beginners journey political blog, please let me know and I would love to link to your new site!