RSS LogoI’m sure nearly everyone has seen Robert Scoble Doing the Shuffle with 600+ RSS feeds.

RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is great, and I’m a huge fan plus user.

However, in the beginning I watched 3, now I watch nearly 100 RSS feeds.

Those first three were PodCast pages so I did not have to check back regularly for updates, which did save me time. Now I spend a minimum of 1 hour each day going through my feed list.

I use Google Reader, and utilize the Trends feature to make sure I don’t keep anything I no longer read. Yet still I have to wonder if I’m really saving time using RSS.

Personally, staying in touch and on top of tech news is a top priority. Eschewing television, newspapers, and “real life” news for only the techie. RSS is supposed to be a great technology to SAVE you time. Keep that in mind Scoble, and everyone else.