The Number 1 Advice I give my Customers:

If someone guarantees they can get your site to rank in any search engine, Run Away!


First, obviously this guy didn’t do his homework, because I rank near the top for my primary phrases:

Second, how good can he be at Search Engine Optimization considering he doesn’t name his business, and his email is an account?

You Must Be Vigilant

When you receive emails like this, either delete them, or forward them on to your web professional for review.


Hope you are well. As part of our client research, we came across your website “” and noticed your site is not ranking in the most important search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. I was wondering if you would be interested in search engine optimization services for your website at a very low cost.

Proper search engine optimization will increase your brand recognition, web traffic and grow your sales, which is why you a web site to begin with right?

We can promote your website to 1st page placement on Google, Yahoo, or Bing in three to six months guaranteed with our “National SEO” package. Three to six months is typical for all our SEO packages!

So let me know if you would be interested or like me to mail you more details or schedule a call. We would love to work with you!

I look forward to your reply.


Mark Peterson
Business Development Manager