Running Barefoot. No Longer a No-No.


See yall, no shoes is better! MINIMALISM ROCKS!

Yeah. I’m a minimalist. Duh. šŸ™‚

I Hate Shoes!

I don’t know why but I’ve always hated shoes. When I was little my mom could barely keep me in them. When I got older, I couldn’t stand paying $80 for a new pair every year. And when I discovered flip-flops shoes became dead to me forever!

Funny story. I was in marchingĀ band for 8 years (I hear the laughter) and the Band High School Seniors all got “gag gifts” for their going away presents presented by the band parents. My gift was a pair of shoes because the parents thought I didn’t own any as I only wore shoes about 10% of the time we practiced over 4 years.

Hot asphalt and gravel barely slow me down, on account of the half inch thickĀ callusesĀ I have on the bottoms of my feet.

Long story short, I hate shoes.

PopularĀ opinionĀ used to be it was bad to walk or run barefoot, and I gave some credence to that after getting what I thought were shin splints from playing ultimate frisbee barefoot. Turns out, if you play any sport for that many hours a week your shins are going to hurt, barefoot or not.

Well, Barefoot isn’t socially acceptable yet, but the Vibram Five Finger Shoes bring it darn close!

I haven’t purchased a pair yet (still can’t stand spending $80 on shoes) but I’m getting close!

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Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Tim Ferriss on Vibram Shoes from Kevin Rose.