Safety of the Highways Colt Advertisement to Protect Women-Folk when the Handsome Officer can't be there

Safety of the Highways

Suppose he had not arrived

Our women-folk are might independent, now-a-days. The motor car has broadened horizons, shortened miles, turned night to day. We should not check their sweet self-assurance. And yet, sometime, the handsome officer and his Colt may not be there to catch his cue and save “the maiden in distress.” What then?

You, of all men, know Colt dependability and that a Colt Revolver or Automatic Pistol is safe even for “her” to handle. What will you advise your mother, sister or “the only girl” to do? Stay in the house at night? Try and do it! And even if she did stay in, a Colt protected home saves worry for the fellow who’s away-means safety for those whom we cherish. What are you going to do about a Colt for her?

Colt’s The Arm of Law and Order

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