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I am both a Small Business Owner and a Freelancer. Read from both of my perspectives below!

Shane Pearlman published the above SlideShare slideshow about hiring and working with Freelancers in your business.

My favorite slide: Delegate. Not Abdicate.
No one knows as much about your business as you.

Small Business Owner Perspective

As a Small Business Owner who designs and creates websites I constantly need good people who can help with the workload.

However, like most small businesses, I’m not always busy enough to keep a full time employee busy.

More importantly, I do not want to deal with payroll taxes, benefits and everything else that comes with the standard W2 relationship.

Hiring freelancers allows me to “burst” when I need help, and scale back when things are slower.

As a small business owner, YOU KNOW the help you need. Every book you’ve ever read, every blog post and every successful business owner has told you to stop focusing on the work and start focusing on building the business.

When any small business owner delegates the day-to-day and focuses on selling their business,
growth is inevitable.

If you want Advice on Hiring a Freelancer, feel free to Contact Me!

Freelancer Perspective

As Shane points out, Freelancer does not mean Free.

Being a Freelancer is wonderfully free, powerful and liberating.

Having multiple clients issuing multiple checks is far more financially secure than one job with one paycheck.

However, Freelancing is being a small business owner.

There is a lot more pressure involved with:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Staying in contact with customers
  • Collecting payment
  • Selling yourself
  • etc…
than with just holding down a standard W2 job.

Freelancers are slutty, but so are you: Strategies for the successful management of independent contractors