Our Young Adult Pastor, Heath, gave a great message Sunday night.

He used an illustration to get us thinking about our home lives:

Imagine someone had a camera in your home and they observed everything you did at home (in a non-inappropriate way) for a month. If this observer didn’t know anything about you, and did not see any other aspect of your life, would they know you were a Christian? Would this person watching your life at home see Christ exemplified in your relationships, you actions, how you spend your time, the things you watch and listen to, etc…?

Obviously this got me thinking. We all always need to keep working on our lives, but I got an idea while Heath was talking. I decided to put up a small sign on my computer at work that says: “Smile, You’re on Camera” to remind me that people are always watching and my co-workers will only ever see me in my work environment. They won’t see me at church or at home. They won’t know all the stuff I do, or the times I pray at home.

The sign is to remind me that someone is constantly observing me and my actions. Most importantly, it is a reminder that if I slip up just one time it might cost my Christian Testimony (reputation) to whomever witnesses.

Finally, I hope this small sign will be a witnessing tool to share my faith with others around me. Surely someone is going to ask me what the sign is there for, and hopefully the Lord will give me the right words to share with them.

For everyone out there, remember, someone is always watching, and it only takes one time to ruin your reputation. Guard yourself.

God Bless.