Several very good blog posts came through my Google Reader today regarding starting a business, and here I pass them on.


One of my favorite blogs, posted a great article: There’s always time to launch your dream.

"I’d love to start a company / become a great programmer / write an awesome blog, but there’s just not enough time in the day!" Bull****. There’s always enough time, you’re just not spending it right.

Their closing line is one to be remembered and recited:

It’s entirely your responsibility to make your dreams come through.


Next up, posted a succinct article about Starting a Business While you are Still Employed.

The most important points from this post are:

  • You need to have your spouse and family members behind you.
  • When starting a part time business, you won’t be able to grow it as quickly as if you were running it 24/7.
  • You need to keep your current employer in mind when starting a side business
  • Do Not get so excited by beginning success that you quit your job too soon and find yourself in financial jeopardy.


The owners of the fantastic blog started another blog, The Netsetter which will cover start ups and web business.

Four of the best articles so far are:


Finally, my good friend at posted two posts from a blog I have never heard of, but will be paying more attention to after reading the following articles:

Thank You to mannmitdertarnjacke for the cool icons.