,I live by my Google Calendar. If Google Calendar doesn’t tell me to go somewhere, I don’t make it. The bathroom being about the only exception.

However, not everyone uses Google Calendar. Many of the events people schedule happen through Facebook Events.

Luckily Google and Facebook have made it very easy to automatically display any Facebook events you accept invitations too.

Update 8-1-2012: A friendly reader, RK from San Jose, was kind enough to notify me about the New Facebook Events page. The following tutorial has been modified for the new method of syncing your Facebook Events with Google Calendar!

Update 1-16-2013: Facebook changed the interface AGAIN so I’ll be updating this shortly. Until I get the new screenshots taken, basically click the Export button, then right click on the “upcoming events” link and select Copy Link Address then jump down to #6.

Notice: All Events you’re invited to show up. It doesn’t matter if you clicked Decline, Maybe or Join, everything will show up on your calendar. The only way to eliminate an event is to actually delete it from your event list. I’m working on some screenshots for this as well.

Syncronize Facebook Events with Your Google Calendar

1) Log into Facebook and click on the Events link in the left navigation.

2) Click on the Gear button beside the Today button.

3) Click Export

Facebook Events Page

4) A pop up appears with a link to your Facebook Calendar.

5) Right click on the Upcoming Events link and select Copy Link Address

Facebook Events URL Prompt

6) Open your Google Calendar

Optional: If you’ve already added a Facebook Events calendar:

6.a) Select the down Arrow beside Other calendars

6.b) Select Settings

6.c) Find your Facebook Events Calendar and select Unsubscribe

6.d) Click Back to Calendar and continue…

7) In the left navigation, Select the down Arrow beside Other calendars

8) Click Add by URL

Google Calendar Add Calendar by URL

9) A prompt will appear

10) Right click and paste the Facebook Calendar link you copied earlier.

Google Calendar Add Calendar by URL prompt

Every time you accept a Facebook Events invitation in the future, it will automatically show up on your Google Calendar!