I shared the article about the Paperless Life and now I’ve got another article dealing with “stuff.”

This article is titled: Why You Should Stop Paying For Storage And Just Get Organized

I am a huge proponent of minimalism. I will have to post some pictures of my workspaces and home to get the idea across. I hate “stuff”.

Many people I know suffer from the disease of “hoarding” the above article talked about. Also, too many suffer from what I’ve coined “tabletop syndrome.” This is a sickness that forces its victim to compulsively put “nick-nacks” on top of any open surface, or tabletop.

I think I am going to create a new category specifically dealing with “table-top syndrome,” “hoarding,” and “stuff” for all those interested in articles dealing with this. I am an organizational freak and I hate paper. If others are interested in the topic I will try to facilitate the sharing of knowledge on it.

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Edit: the new category is titled Minimalism.