From today until the last day of June 2008 all of Ellis Benus’ websites will be sold for $500.

What do you get for your $500?

  • A custom design based on your tastes and current promotional
    materials. No Templates.
  • An unlimited number of additional pages
  • An unlimited number of email addresses
  • One year of web site hosting
  • One domain name (ex:
  • One year of content updates and changes

Pay monthly

Ellis Benus is THE web designer who accepts monthly payments.
Pay $200 to get started, and $50 per month for 6 months.
No other web design company accepts a monthly payment plan, that we
are aware of.

Get your website for free

Ellis pays $50 for each profit generating referral.
Choose the payment plan, then bring 6 referrals and you will have no
more payments.

Comparison Shopping

Most web design companies:

  1. Charge $500+ for the design and 3 pages
  2. Charge an additional $100+ per page past 3
  3. Limit you to 10 email accounts before charging more
  4. Charge you a monthly fee of $15+ for hosting
  5. Charge you every time you want to make a change

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