Two guys I like a lot Matt Mullenweg (inventor of WordPress) and Timothy Ferriss (author or The Four Hour Work Week) both shared this article about the world today being more addictive than it was 40 years ago, and the next 40 years will become even more addicting.

It’s a pretty good, and quick, read so give it a shot.

However, I do not appreciate the third note at the bottom:

[3] Unless we mass produce social customs. I suspect the recent resurgence of evangelical Christianity in the US is partly a reaction to drugs. In desperation people reach for the sledgehammer; if their kids won’t listen to them, maybe they’ll listen to God. But that solution has broader consequences than just getting kids to say no to drugs. You end up saying no to science as well.

Christians have no problem with science.

The idea that God created the world is no crazier than some random explosion caused all this life.