Normally I am a staunch minimalist, but I am in love with the new footers which are not just footers, they are:

Ultimate Footers!, the creators of BaseCamp and so much more, were not the first site to make their footer into an ultimate footer, but they were one of the first I’ve seen.

37signals Ultimate Footer

However, Rocket had a pretty cool WordPress theme with an even more ultimate footer!

I love this thing. Finally making the footer useful instead of just that thing which finishes the page.

Rocket Theme Ultimate Footer

A Columbia, Missouri local company with a great footer is Clear Again, I love that the footer is no longer just something to stick at the bottom of the page.

Clear Page Ultimate Footer

All of these websites make the footer into something usefull that prevents you from immediately scrolling back to the top of the page.

The Ultimate Footer holds you at the bottom of the page.

It might hold mostly unrelevant information to your needs,
but more than likely there’s something down there for you!