10 Things to Fix on Your Website

We all want to make a good website impression. But how do you do that if your website is full of errors and loading problems? That can take a severe toll on the online traffic and visibility you are expecting from your audience. That is why no amount of good website content or marketing will be able to help you do the job right.

The search engines will stop considering your site and leave you in the basement to make matters worse. If you do not want to face such hindrances on the way, it is best to fix the problems and keep your web design going. So, let’s talk about the ten major things to improve immediately in your web design.

1. Choose the Right Colors

Did you know that colors can be a significant put off on a website? Yes, selecting too bright colors could irritate your audience’s eyes and make them shift their attention to something more sophisticated. In the same way, dark colors could scare them off. Instead, use soft tones that are soothing and make your audience stay a bit longer. The best bet is to create your corporate logo design with colors that appeal to visitors, and use these colors in your website design. Remember, colors do play an important role here.

2. Improve Website Navigation

Your website navigation should be convenient enough for the audiences to navigate through your page without any hindrance. Imagine walking into a store and having a tough time trying to locate the products. Would you want to come back again? No. Why? That is because you have had an inconvenient time in that specific store and you might want to spend the same amount of time shopping somewhere more convenient. That is the entire thought process of the audiences who visit your website. So, make sure that your website navigation system is easy enough to use without any problem.

3. Include A Call-To-Action

Most people tend to underestimate the power of the calls to action. But did you know that they can be highly effective in so many ways? Yes, a call-to-action can be a direct way of asking your audience to interact with you, connect with you or follow you. Such things may give your audience a sense of direction about what they need to do next to make an order or purchase a valuable product from your online store. It may also allow you to directly convince your audience to do what you want them to do without beating around the bush. These short, bold and crisp lines can do a lot of practical work. That is why every website should include at least three CTAs on their homepage.

4. Have A Responsive Design

We cannot emphasize enough how significant it is to have a good, responsive design for your site. Imagine walking into a store that doesn’t give you reasonable access to everything. It makes you wait for long hours and doesn’t help you view the products properly. Would you want to return? If you just said no, that is what your audiences will do on your website if you do not have a potential responsive design. It is significant to hire the right website designer who can create accurate, responsive websites. So, it should run well on all types of devices.

5. Testimonial Pages

Many websites are launched without the inclusion of testimonial pages. But how else do you improve the credibility of your website in the eyes of the audience? How do you expect them to understand and trust your services? Since testimonials allow audiences to take a peek into what other audiences have to say about your products, they can benefit them. As such, they can analyze if you are good enough to suit your preferences and provide them with the right product properly. Make sure you include good testimonials on your homepage for the ease of your audience. It is sure to help you.

6. Email Sign-up Forms

Many audiences and customers like to receive daily notifications on preferred products from suitable sites. This is especially important for eCommerce websites. If you want to inform your customers and keep your audience updated regarding the latest collection, discounts and available other offers, make sure you provide an email sign-up form on your website.

7. Social Proof

Currently, showcasing testimonials are not the only way to attract trust and improve audience credibility. You also need to showcase sufficient social proof so that your audience can trust you. Let us take an example here.

Would you trust a company that is available online or one that is not but is trying to contact you regularly? The former, right? Why is that so? This is because the former has social proof that helps you combat any fraudulent feelings of mistrust. That is why we ask you to pay sufficient attention to how many social platforms you are attaching to your website. Preferably, three critical social media should be present on your website.

8. Ease Is the King

Your website is innovative, and you might be more creative if you have enough technical knowledge. But not all your customers are bound to be tech-savvy. That is why you need to make it easy for everyone to access. Make sure that you remove any hindrances from your site that may make the audience have a hard time. It could come in the form of anything. So, watch out for the same.

9. Add A Value Proposition

If you want your visitors to know what you do and why you do it, adding a value proposition could serve the purpose like no other. Make sure it is a part of the homepage. It is even better to include crisp content regarding the same as headlines. They can be more effective and grab the audience’s attention in a minute.

10. Vocabulary Mistake

Although it is the most common mistake to avoid on a website, many sites leave this unnoticed. So, do not make this mistake. It could make or break your site’s reputation instantly.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most significant mistakes to avoid when you want to grab the right audience’s attention. Make sure you fix them immediately and see the difference for yourself.

Author Bio: Jacob Davis lives in Rocky Mountains with his dog Malibu. He writes, makes music, and paints for a living. He has ghost written many projects for clients.