Making Secure Passwords EASY by Ellis Benus of Floating Ax Technologies Web Design Custom Development and Digital Marketing in Columbia MOEllis Benus here with Floating Ax Technologies. We do Web Design, Custom Development and all forms of Digital Marketing.

Secure Passwords don’t have to be complicated!

I want to share with you the method we all use to use extremely secure passwords and make it very simple.

Update: Easily Send Sensitive Data Encrypted with

I personally use this software to store all kinds of personal information to have it always available to me on my computer AND PHONE!

It requires 2 pieces of free software and a few minutes of your time.

1) KeePass Pro (FREE)

KeePass is an awesome, free, software that allows you to create and manage secure passwords easily.

You only have to remember ONE PASSWORD, and that’s the one to get into your KeePass file.

Click to Download KeePass Professional Edition

Click the Installer green button, wait a second, and the installer should download.

You install the program like any other software.

Launch the Program and Create a New Database

Click the Create new Button

Name Your File and Save it to your Desktop (we’ll move it later)

Name your database anything.

Save it to your desktop.

Set a Master Password

This is the only password you need to remember from now on!

This password needs to be VERY secure as it will protect access to all your other passwords and secure information you store in KeePass.

The key here is to choose a very secure password and then memorize it.

The software will remember and create ALL of your secure passwords from now on.

You need to use Letters, Numbers and Special Characters to make this secure.

Try making it into a Word or Phrase or little Story like:

LrrhW0aLw@theW00dsh3B: Little Red Riding Hood Went on a Long Walk @ the Woods holding 3 Baskets.

I’veGot@g00diD3@FORyouCallMe#: I’ve got a good idea for you Call Me.

Either of these are incredibly secure and should be something you can memorize over time.

If you need help, this website generates secure passwords you could use:

Remember, you’ll ONLY need to remember this password in the future.

Click OK when you’re done entering your secure password twice.

Database Settings

Leave all of these default and just click OK

Your KeePass File is Setup and Ready!

Creating Your First Password Entry

You can create all the entries in the main area, or you can create categories on the left hand side.

We have a Clients folder and then Sub-Folders for each Client’s information beneath that.

I also have a Personal Finance area where I track my kids social security numbers, all the companies I pay bills to, etc.

When you’re in the folder you want to create a new entry, right click in the white area and click Add Entry, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + I.

A new screen pops up.

The most important pieces to populate are:

  1. Title: Give this a name like Facebook or American Express Credit Card
  2. Password: see below…
  3. URL: Put a link to the website you’re saving a password for if you want.
  4. Notes: Anything you want to tell yourself. I use this all the time for extra info about website and bills and more.

KeePass Creates your Secure Password:

Click the Key to the right of the Repeat field.

A new window pops up.

Length of Generated Password: Do 20 or more.

Select all the option possible to make the password super secure.

Some websites have restrictions on this so you can adjust to meet their requirements.

Click OK and the password will be generated and populated in the Password field.

Click OK.

Save your KeePass database.

Start Using Secure Generated Passwords for Everything!

It’s so important to use completely different passwords for every site, software, or anything you use.

If one website is hacked, they could wind up with your password to dozens of other sites if you use the same password everywhere.

Start making KeePass generate Secure Passwords for you, and you only have to remember ONE PASSWORD to open your KeePass file.

2) DropBox (FREE) Take Your KeePass Software Everywhere!

The real power of this system is you can take this Software with you anywhere.

I keep my KeePass database on my phone so I have access to these passwords anywhere and everywhere.

If I need our health insurance information, or my kids social security numbers or anything, I’ve got it in the palm of my hand.

If I add a new password on my computer, it’s available on my phone.

If I add a new password on my phone, it’s available on my computer.

Get Started with Dropbox

I’m not going to go through a whole tutorial on how to sign up for a free DropBox account and install that on your computer and phone because they have all that information on their site, and you probably already have a DropBox account.

Move your KeePass Database into your DropBox folder.

Then you can open it on your phone or computer.

When you save changes DropBox will sync it to your computer(s) and phone(s).

You and your significant other can even share a database so if you add new information it’s immediately available on their phone!

Click to Download KeePass for iPhone

Click to Download KeePass for Android

3) Tell Others how to Easily Be Secure with All Their Passwords!

About the Author: Ellis Benus

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