3x awesome videos about being homeschooling from Blimeycow.

The first is 7 Lies about Homeschooling, which is awesome!

My wife and I want to home school our kids, and we’ve heard every single one of these objections. Having these awesome answers now gives us awesome ammunition!

Something I want to add, is the subject of Homework.

Every kid has homework at some point.

What happens when you’re child needs help with their homework, while they are home, with you? Do you help them?

So you send your kid to school for 6 to 8 hours each day with professional teachers in a learning environment, then they come home and YOU have to help them with homework, at home? That sure sounds a lot worse than homeschooling… 🙂

You Might be a Homeschooler If…

I was never home schooled, but it’s frightening to me how much I identify with many of these!

I did go to a Christian school for 3 years, and grow up in a Christian home, so that might have something to do with it.

Blimeycow’s Awana vest toting “token homeschool” is hilarious!

Blimeycow Homeschoolers