Lack SSL Certificate? Google says Insecure!

As of July 2018 Google Chrome will start warning your website visitors that your website is NOT SECURE if you don’t have an SSL/TLS Certificate for HTTPS traffic instead of just HTTP, which is insecure.

Google has been turning up the heat on HTTP for a several years and Google Search already gives sites with HTTPS a boost in search results. Every other browser is going to follow Chrome’s lead.

You need to have your website using HTTPS immediately!

TLS/SSL Certificates

Using HTTPS means installing an SSL certificate. They are actually TLS certificates but the term SSL is ubiquitous and it’s the one hosts use, so I’ll be calling it that from here on.

TLS/SSL Certificates Should be Free!

Many web hosts are still charging for Certificates to secure HTTPS traffic. If you cannot move your hosting then you might have to pay, but I would strongly push against them.

Or you can switch web hosts. My favorite is as they have free SSL/TLS Certificates for adding HTTPS to your sites. (Disclaimer: That is an Affiliate Link)

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Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting is where you store the stuff that makes your website work.

It’s like renting a building space to put your office, but instead of desks and chairs, it’s your website.

Most likely you have a shared web hosting plan, which is fine, and you will need to contact your web host to get an SSL Certificate installed immediately to start serving traffic over a secure HTTPS connection.

What To Ask Your Web Host Support

You can copy and paste the below when you contact your web host support:

“Hello, I need to get an SSL/TLS Certificate added to my website so my website uses HTTPS instead of the insecure HTTP. What do I need to do to make that happen immediately? Will you install the Certificate for me? If my website is not WordPress then can you set the site to FORCE all traffic to use HTTPS?”

Make Sure They Will Install the Certificate. Any web host will sell you the Certificate, but that’s not the end of the process.

Do NOT Pay more than $50/year for your Certificate.

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For Traffic / Links Over HTTPS

If you are using WordPress then this is VERY easy to accomplish.

Download and install this FREE plugin inside your WordPress Site (Plugins > Add New > type this name into the search “WP Force SSL” > Click Install > Click Activate): WP Force SSL:

WP Force SSL Settings:

Go to Settings > SSL Insecure Content

Click the Capture All setting

Scroll down and click Save Settings

WordPress SSL Secure Content Fixer Free Plugin Google Chrome Requiring SSL TLS Certificate Traffic HTTPS July 2018 Ellis Benus Web Designer in Columbia MO

Get an SSL / TLS Certificate Before July 2018

As always, I am here to help you with anything you need on your web design or web development project. Please contact me and I would be happy to help you with this critical requirement to make sure your website does not get hurt by the Google Chrome change in July 2018.

If you need help with ANY of this, Contact Me Today! 573-777-8800