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Looking for a Local Web Designer in Missouri?

My name is Ellis Benus and I’m a web designer located in the dead center of our state: Columbia, MO.

I’ve been doing web design for over 18 years.

My primary focus is helping Small to Medium Businesses get the most Bang for their Buck.

I’m More Than Me

If you don’t want to hire a lone wolf, or a single individual, to handle your project, that’s perfect.

I manage a group of designers and developers with a combined total of over 41 years experience.

WordPress: A Website You Can Update

If you’ve never heard of WordPress, it’s a web based content management system which runs web presence.

English Translation: WordPress allows an owner to update their website with ZERO technical knowledge required.

I Speak English, Not “Tech.”

Living in Missouri doesn’t make us bumkin.

BUT, If you’re tired of people throwing acronyms around that you don’t understand, call me.

I speak plain English and I specialize in helping business owners and managers understand the complexities of the web.

Don’t Hire a High School Student!

If you’ve got a $100 budget, perfect, I will find a solution for you.

I Can Work With ANY Budget

If you have a small budget, you’re not going to get a Cadillac.

However, having a small budget does not resign you to the bargain bin crap heap.

You can build a solid foundation with just a few basic building blocks, and some free services.

A domain name only costs $12-$15 a year, and there are a lot of good free solutions to get you started.

Just Contact Me So We Can Get Started!

Call me, Text me, Email me, or use the contact form below! It’s Free!

A 30 minute conversation can tell me a lot about your business, and I can tell you A LOT about your options.

What do you have to lose?!

Call or Text: (573) 777-8800

Email: info@FloatingAx.com