In Out With the Old I introduced my What Have You Done? Tracker idea for writing a WordPress plugin to keep track of what I have in my To-Do List and measure how much work I have done.

Now I am adding it to my To-Do List so I’ll remember to work on it.

I also want to make sure it has the countdown timer telling me how many days I have until June 20th, 2014 which is the day I will turn 30.

Most people don’t know this, but [timeago time=”2009-05-07″] ago I setup an email alert which I receive every day telling me the number of days I have until I turn 30 and asks me, “What Have You Done With Today?”

The WordPress plugin, and this blog, will help me share what I have done.

Here we (keep) go(ing)!

Update 6-25-2013: As of today, I’ve been receive the above email for 1510 days. I never did create the WordPress plugin I talked about. I’m still working a full time job instead of working for myself. I’ve only got [timeuntilerb time=”2014-06-20″] days until I turn 30. 🙁

Update 7-19-2013: As of today, less than a month after posting the above update, I turned in my resignation with Columbia College and August 1st, 2013 marks the first day I’ll be 100% working for myself!

Praise the Lord for this amazing Blessing and Opportunity! WOOT!!!

Update 8-1-2013: Today I’m officially 100% self employed! 😀

Ellis Benus - Last Day at Columbia College