For some reason, it was very important for me to find the WipeOut film location today.

A little Google Maps magic, and I found it!

The WipeOut set is North of Los Angeles

Latitude: 34.3753771 Longitude: -118.4122657,-118.410124&spn=0.003821,0.004823&t=k&z=18

The address to the entrance of the area seems to be:

25975 Sand Canyon Rd
Angeles National Forest, San Fernando Valley, CA

The entrance has an unassuming wooden sign that reads “Sable Ranch.”

There is also a VERY LARGE water shutoff valve and pipe to the left of the entrance.

WipeOut Set Location Entrance Sable Ranch 620px

Here is a Close Up of the Beginning of the WipeOut Course

WipeOut Set Location Course Beginning Close Up

This Looks like Storage for the Course Parts

WipeOut Set Location Course Construction Area

Use Google Maps to fly around the set for yourself:,-118.410124&spn=0.003821,0.004823&t=k&z=18