Note: I wrote this article quite a while ago, and I don’t know why I never published it! HD-DVD’s are dead already, but the points are still good.

Blu-Ray simply is not worth it. Netflix is going to charge 300% More for Blu-ray discs.

People constantly buy into the next phase of higher quality, at great personal expense. Personally, I’ve seen the hype of Composite Cables over RGB cables, the rise of the LCD and Plasma TV over Rear Projection, the HD and 1080 dpi televisions over the older LCD and Plasma, Digital Projectors, and so much more.

Yes, DVD’s are better than VHS.
Yes, CD’s are better than Records.
Yes, LCD/Plasma screens are better than tube Televisions.

Now, my argument is that all optical media is useless anyway but how far are we willing to go with quality. Let the scientists tinker, but why do we keep shelling out thousands of dollars more…?

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD’s are the next “quality leap” forward.

They are not worth it.

The players are several hundred dollars. The discs are twice as expensive as DVDs, and once again: Optical Media is Dead!

Instead of upping your NetFlix account, buying a Blu-Ray player, or even buying more DVD’s or CD’s, buy a new hard drive. Western Digital one terabyte drives are barely over $100 dollars.

Get the cheapest NetFlix account that allows for streaming.

TiVo your shows, then transfer them to a media center computer.

Use a computer hooked to your TV to watch

Stream your entire music and movie collection over the internet.

Using Xbox Media Center (which does not require an xbox) is a great way to stream your shows from that Media Center PC as well.

Stop getting ripped off paying for the latest-and-greatest, because it’s just in-today-junk-tomorrow.