Below is a fantastic post which mirrors my own frustrations with Linux.

I am no novice user by any means, and a large part of my day is spent in the Linux command line with my web server. But for some reason jumping from using the command line on my web server to running a linux distro full time is not simple…

The Linux community really does need to come down off their high horse.
Simplify the linux websites of the world, and make the distributions just like Macintosh, they just work!
Otherwise Linux is doing to stay this freak sideshow attraction to the major public.


If you don’t want to hear the rantings of someone who wishes he could love Linux but is forced to stay with Windows then, skip this section. I put this little blurb here because I expect a bunch of responses to my lack of knowledge regarding either MD5 or CD burning. It seems that whenever I talk to people about Linux I seem to run into people who are bent on convincing me I need to know more about my OS and I should be responsible for learning how to manage my machine. I had hoped Ubuntu was a departure from this camp. Unfortunately, I am beginning to suspect that Ubuntu is not the answer I had hopped it would be. I love the idea of Linus and GNU software. I have been a systems professional for nearly thirty years. There was a time many years ago when I actually got jazzed by how an OS worked internally. Heck back in the early Eighties I wrote machine code not assembler, but actual machine code because we didn’t have an assembler. I also worked on a team that developed a programming language that was sold commercially. But that was then and this is now. Now I have six kids, two jobs and no spare time. Nowadays, a computer is just a tool I use to accomplish many tasks. This server is meant to serve email and only that. I really don’t want to become a guru of Linux or Windows for that matter. I just want to use it. I am a guru of databases and that forces me to use various OS platforms. But I would prefer to know as little as I can about a particular platform as I can and still get my work done.

I do hope for the day when I can kiss Microsoft goodbye, but I do not think that time is here yet. I am not giving up completely, but I have to keep in mind that the end result is I have to support this device. I have just so many hours in the week and supporting an email server is something don’t want to spend my time doing. I can pay someone to give me access to an email server. It just doesn’t make sense to me that I should have to. Especially when I have a few PCs sitting around unused.

PS none of this was intended to start a flame war or provoke anyone. I simply have been down this road so many times in the past that I can anticipate the route and want to cut off some of the noise so I can focus on the issue at hand: Getting a working mail server setup.


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