I want to create a turn key solution for restaurant websites.

  • Based on WordPress
  • Running the WP-E-commerce plugin
  • Themed for a website, blog and restaurant menu
  • Hosted solution – will update documentation, video tutorials and software
  • Online Ordering from Menu (just like a shopping cart)
  • Google Analytics
  • Email (Google apps)
  • Video Tutorials (for WordPress, wp-e-commerce, Google Apps, Google Analytics, and more)
  • Email Newsletter & Subscriber Tracking
  • Social Media Options (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, etc…)
  • Optional Management – we will manage social media, and website channels if desired)
  • SMS – text message advertising for specials, local sporting events, etc…

My thought is to write a wp-e-commerce template that will work with any WordPress template.

This way we can leverage the vast stores of free and premium WordPress themes. Restaurant owners can choose any template and we simply add on the wp-e-commerce template which will render their menu correctly and allow them to update it themselves inside WordPress, along with being able to update and add to their entire website through WordPress.

The goal is to have a $Zero up front investment other than the monthly bill.

$50 / month will get any restaurant owner:

  • A domain name (if they have one already, we’ll set it up to work on the new hosting)
  • Installation of WordPress
  • Installation of WP-E-Commerce (including setting up Credit Card billing)
  • Installation of any WordPress theme (if a premium theme is used, they must pay the extra cost up front)
  • Installation of our WP-E-Commerce Restaurant Menu theme
  • 1 Month of Hosting
  • Google Analytics

Ala Cart Options would include:

  • Hourly rate for a web developer or designer: $25 / hour
  • Email through Google Apps: $10 / month
  • Access to 0ur proprietary Video Tutorial Documentation (updated with software updates, etc…): $5 / month
  • Email Newsletter & Subscriber Tracking: $5 / month + ( $5 / $0.01 per subscriber for each Newsletter sent )
  • Social Media Setup: 1 time fee of $25 / Social Media Website (Ex: Facebook & Twitter = $50 one time fee)
  • Social Media Management: Depends on our involvement
  • SMS: $Unknown
  • Website Management: Depends on our involvement
  • Logo Design: $200 one time fee

Finally, we would also sell the WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugin online for anyone who wanted to implement these options themselves. $25 one time fee.