Check out this website: XYZ – cruiser bikes.

My first bike, which I bought, was a single speed model from Wal-Mart, but I loved it. After it, I graduated up to mountain bikes, and every bike I’ve bought since has had more gears. However, I’d been thinking here recently about getting one of the old school bikes, which XYZ Bikes actually sells. Now, I wanted to find one that I could fix up and modify a bit, but these folks have reasonable prices, most bikes are around $100, and they ship internationally.

The website has a F.A.Q. and Blog for your reading pleasure.

Their website could do with some updating, but they seem like a solid place.

Like I said, I would love to get my girlfriend and I a pair of these bikes for light trail riding and just around the neighborhood for exercise. They are marketed as for the beach, but there aren’t any beaches in Missouri! :-)

When I was younger I used to bicycle 35 miles every Saturday with another friend of mine, and I loved it. We traveled on the Katy Trail here in Missouri from Columbia to Rocheport (pronounced Roach Port). It would take us about 4 hours on average, but was incredibly relaxing, and we got to have good conversations while peddling. Bicycling is a great hobby, wonderfully relaxing, as well as being great exercise.

My significant other and I are definitely wanting to get into Bicycling. We have been walking a lot recently, but walking is much harder on the body, and you don’t get to travel as far before being worn out. You can cover much greater distances on a bike, it’s much more cardiovascular, and much easier on your body thank walking or jogging.

What are you waiting for?! Go check out XYZ Bikes!

Thanks for Reading!