Self Made Chick author Christine O’Kelly recently decided to no longer say “Can’t,” and in its place, always say “Won’t.” The empowerment she now feels can easily be yours if you make the same transaction.

“The more successful a person is, the less often they say the word can’t. Unsuccessful people use the word can’t constantly.”

To this I would add that Unsuccessful people blame outside sources for their troubles while Successful people realize it is them, and only them, who can affect their life.

Any person can begin using this immediately and reign in control of their life.

The next time someone asks you why you’re not doing something, own up to the truth that you “Won’t” instead of copping out with “I Can’t”.

The greatest impact of switching from Can’t to Won’t for me is going to be when asked about purchasing anything, especially eating out. From now on, I will say “We Won’t go out to eat” instead of “we can’t.”

If you are doing this please let us all know in the comments. And for those of you who change your Can’ts to Won’ts please tell us.

What’s that? You won’t comment? Alright! 🙂